The Complete skin tag removal guide: 14 safe ways to remove skin tags at home

remove Skin tags

Skin tags these soft, ugly tiny pieces of skin also known as Acrochordons in the medical community, it’s obvious that you want to get rid of skin tags…

you want to know how to remove skin tags safely without wasting time and money on doctors.

We’ve identified for you 14 natural treatments that work fast and they’re safe to use, with no pain!

It’s important to mention that skin tags are not a medical issue, they rarely cause discomfort or pain but most people find them inconvenient and affect their overall appearances which reduce your self-confident.

I have to warn you about two things:

  • skin tags are not a medical issue so your health insurance will most likely won’t pay for it to be removed so save your time, money frustration and learn how to remove skin tags at home.
  • It’s important to see your doctor if you noticed any changes in your skin like skin tags, moles or any other anomaly on your skin, that might be a sign of skin cancer in the areas of concern.

Skin tag removal home remedies will restore your skin to its normal state. Considering which skin tags Home treatment you prefer it might happen naturally or quickly, the natural remedies it takes between 6 weeks to 3 months or you may choose the quickest way to remove skin tags (in just 25 minutes).

When considering how to remove skin tags, be aware to avoid harsh chemicals for skin tag removal such as (nail polish or duct tape) that you might find in the internet search.

Those chemicals are not good for your skin fortunately, you can learn how to get rid of skin tags safely and naturally with the ways mentioned below.

Before we dive in and reveal those home treatments we should define skin tags and clarify it signs & symptoms also warn about skin tags causes & risk Factors then where do skin tags appear.

Finally, we will show how to prevent skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?

The most medical name that skin tags known for is Acrochordons, they are small, soft droopy growth on the skin they are usually the same color as the skin or a little darker.

They commonly remain small (1 to 2 centimeter) but they might be larger, skin tags are rarely causing pain or discomfort it may cause some discomfort if it’s located in a sensitive spot (anus, labia, and vulva…).

(for dermatologist skin tags icd 10 is referred by L91.8)

Skin Tags Causes & Risk Factors

There are no recognized causes of skin tags. However, the following risk factors are the signs in people who are most likely prone to be affected by skin tags in comparison with the normal ones according to scientific research.

Aging: skin tags are commonly appearing among people over the age of 45 especially women’s.

Friction: the friction of skin against clothing, skin, jewelry.

Genetic: if you have a family member that has skin tags, you may have a higher risk to have it too.

Hormonal imbalance: skin tags during pregnancy is frequent due to the hormonal imbalance that women have in this duration.

diabetes: skin tags can be a pre-diabetes symptom.

weight: increase and fluctuations of weight might cause skin tags.

Where do skin tags occur?

Skin tags appear in almost any part of the body(neck, groin, penis, armpit, vagina, anus, near the eyes, breasts)

eyelids skin tagEYELIDSneck skin tagNECKarmpit skin tagARMPIT
face skin tagsFACEbreast skin tagBREASTgenitals skin tagsGENETALS
skin tag groinGROIN

what are the medical names of skin tags?

There are several names of skin tags in the medical community we included most of them in the list below:

  • Acrochordons
  • Fibroepithelial polyps
  • Cutaneous papilloma
  • Filiform
  • Pedunculated
  • Fibroma molluscum
  • Soft fibromas
  • Papilloma colli

skin tags

How to remove skin tags: 14 natural home remedies

As I mentioned before, using duct tape or nail polish to get rid of skin tags it will make it worse by increasing the risk of infection.

You must be confident that you dealing with skin tags, also some of the natural treatment listed below they are not appropriate for some sensitive areas of the body like around the eyes or the eyelid it’s better to be removed by a dermatologist or you have to be extremely careful applying those natural treatments for skin tag removal.

All the products listed below are OTC products which mean that medical prescription is unneeded.

Some of them are faster to work that other and vary in term of price and ingredients.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a type of vinegar made by the process of fermenting apples, the acidity of (ACV) has the ability to kill harmful bacteria, balance PH levels it’s also appropriate for treating various skin problems such as warts, acne, eczema and of course Apple cider vinegar is best for skin tag removal.

  • How to use

Step1: wash then dry the areas of concern.

Step2: soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar then place it over the skin tag for 20 minutes.

Step3: repeat 2 – 3 times a day.

After few days you might notice that the skin tag starts to darken in color, that is an indicator of its dying.

This method is the safest one when it came to how to remove skin tags naturally

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  1. TagBand Skin tags removal kit

TagBand skin tag removal

I have to mention that skin tags have their own blood supply TagBand skin tag removal kit works by stopping the skin tags blood supply.

TagBand kit is suitable for small to medium skin tags with our standard size TagBand kit suitable for medium to large skin tags. It’s easy to use and is designed to be safe to use on the face and body with little or no pain.

Once the band has been attached to the skin tag it starts to significantly reduce its blood supply. After several days, the skin tag will start to shrink and change color. This is its final stage before removal and within a few days, the skin tag will fall off leaving only a small blemish.

The average skin tag removal time is 7 – 9 days, the skin tag change color to more darken color before it fall-off removing the band in the process.

  • How to use TagBand

Step 1

Clean and dry the area and push one of the bands onto the top section of the cone.

Step 2

Place the cone over the skin tag and push the cone level with the surrounding skin area.

Step 3

Place the TagBand remover device onto the cone and push lightly until the band pops off the end.

Step 4

The band will now be held securely in place where it will remain until the skin tag has dropped off.

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  1. Tea Tree oil

Apothecary Tea Tree Oil

It’s great for safe skin tags removal as well as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

You can use this 100% natural & organic product called “Apothecary tea tree oil” with its antiseptic proprieties and the ability to kill frugal infections.

  • How to use:

Step1: Apply a soaked ball of cotton filled by 7 – 9 drops of apothecary tea oil on the skin tag for 15 – 20 minutes.

Step2: repeat it 3 times a day until the skin tag disappear.

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  1. Vitamin E oil

vitamin e oil

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and appropriate healer for a wide range of skin issues moles, acne, warts…

  • How to use

You need a high-quality Vitamin E oil and a bandage.

Step1: Clean and dry the area around the skin tag, place a bandage over the skin tag to seal the vitamin E oil in.

Step2: leave it for 15 minutes.

Step3: Repeat the process daily.

Quick Note:

You can boost the effectiveness of Vitamin E on removing skin tags by using it in combination with Banana peel or papaya peel, just Before you put the bandage, Cover Vitamin E with a layer of banana or papaya peel.

it can also boost the effectiveness of tea tree oil you can apply it the same as for Vitamin E oil.

This may not be good for who have a latex sensitivity.

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  1. Iodine

It works by breaking down cells of skin tag so you have to make sure you attack just tags without the surrounding areas.

  • How to use

Step1: use coconut oil in the surrounding areas of the skin tag as a protection barrier after you clean and dry it.

Step2: apply some drops of Iodine with a cotton swab on the skin tag.

Step3: Repeat 2 – 3 time a day until the skin tag falls-off.

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  1. Garlic for skin tag Removal

    Garlic has so many skins cares uses such as treating acne, warts and skin tags…

    • How to use

    Step1: Crash a good clove of garlic using a knife to release the oil of the Garlic.

    Step2: secure the oil of garlic with a bandage over the skin tag.

    Step3: After 20 minutes wash and dry the area.

  2. Wart Mole Vanish skin tag removal kit

Wart Mole Vanish skin tag removal kit

This product is quick and easy to use If you want to avoid spending weeks in treatment. It can eliminate several skin issues like mole, warts, syringomas and skin tags.

  • How to use:

After you apply the cream Let it heal on its own and don’t remove it prematurely. No product will remove skin tag as quickly. Wipe off the cream after 20 minutes has applied, and you can look forward to having no more skin tags.

the illustration below shows how to remove mole but it’s also applicable to removing skin tags:

How to use Wart Mole Vanish skin tag removal kit
How to use Wart Mole Vanish skin tag removal kit

Wart Mole Vanish Kit Contents:

Wart Mole Vanish Kit Contents

  • Wart & Mole Vanish cream – .05ml
  • Quantity is sufficient for 2-5 growths (1/4″ or 5mm) or 5-25 smaller ones (1/16″ or 2mm).
  • Natural antibacterial solution – 5ml
  • 3 cotton swabs
  • 2 applicator sticks
  • 1 scratching stainless needle (for hard warts)
  • one emery board (for scratching moles and skin tags)
  • 1 toothpick (for scratching small moles/skin tags)

Based on the users of this product we have found that the success rate is high provided.

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  1. Cinnamon supplement

You can it as a treatment and as a protection procedure along with a healthy diet. Cinnamon is a supplement that helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

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  1. remove skin tags using Oil of oregano

oil of oregano

With its power to relieve various of skin problems (viruses, bacteria, frugal infections…)

How to use:

  • Mix 3 drops of coconut oil with 6 drops of oregano oil.
  • Apply it directly to the skin tag and let the skin soak it
  • Repeat 3 times a day until it gets rid of skin tags.

Note: This treatment is not appropriate for irritated skin.

  1. Castor oil & Baking soda

baking soda

castor oil has it’s benefits for skin and hair as well as baking soda if we mix them together it may help you to remove skin tags.

  • How to use 

First, mix then rubs 2 parts of castor oil with 1 part of baking soda over the skin tag then cover it with a piece of plastic wrap and fix it with a bandage leave all night, wash it in the morning.

lastly repeat daily until it fall-off.

Aftercare procedures.

you may have some scar after removal, to make them disappear which time might be enough to do it, apply antibiotic after you left the area dry for 48hour.

also, coconut oil is useful for those kinds of things. but if the area of concern causes you pain or it bleeds you should see your doctor, to stay up to date on your current situation.

get rid of skin tags surgically

many of you may not be comfortable using home remedies for skin tag removal (the best and safest ways), that might take weeks to make an impact and prefer to see a doctor or dermatologist.

the first thing your dermatologist might do is to perform an examination of your skin to decide whether it’s a skin tag or other skin lesion, then based on the size and location of the skin tag he will apply one of the four following procedure after applying a local anesthesia.

  • Cauterization: this method uses heat for burning off the lesion.
  • Cryotherapy:  applying a small amount of liquid nitrogen on the skin tag to freeze it.
  • Laser Removal: it’s often used these days for small skin surgery like what are we dealing with now.
  • surgery: using a sharp surgical tool ( scissors, scalpel ) after a topical anesthetic.

How to prevent skin tags?

You can’t prevent skin tags. But you can reduce the risk of having skin tags.

  • Skin tag occur often in friction areas so you may have to prevent wearing jewelry and tight clothing
  • Skin tags are one of the pre-symptoms of diabetes so you must follow a healthy lifestyle and blood sugar diet.
  • Exercise and follow a weight loss program.
  • Apply powders in friction areas of your body

It’s useful to have TagBand skin Tags removal Kit as a quick treatment of skin tags that might suddenly appear.

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