14 Bizarre Uses of Coca Cola

14 uses of coca cola

many people think of Coca-Cola as the delicious drink first invented in 1892, there are others who know that it has more uses than just as a beverage. But digging online finds multiple crazy claims that Coca-Cola can do. Some are farther fetched than others, but here are 14 weird but amazing uses for Coca-Cola.

  1. Clean your toilet bowl.

bizarre-uses-for-coca-cola-that-people-actually-useNeed to shine up your bathroom in a hurry? Pour Coca-Cola into your toilet bowl and treat it like a regular cleaner. Swish it around and flush away all the dirty grime.

  1. Apply to a jellyfish sting to neutralize the painuse coca cola to natreulize jellifish string

This sounds absolutely crazy and made up, but does have some merit. Coca-Cola is acidic and this acid can help stop the pain from the sting.

  1. Use Coca-Cola to clean car battery terminalscar battery

Again, Coca-Cola comes to the rescue in a bad situation. The beverage won’t react with the battery acid and can be poured liberally over the terminals to dissolve and remove the corrosion.

  1. On a cold winter day use Coca-Cola to defrost your windshieldfrozen windshield

Warm water and patience used to be the magic formula to defrost your windshield. Now you can pour a can of regular coke on the windshield to speed up the process. Just be sure to get a carwash later – the drink isn’t good for your paint.

  1. Remove squished bugs from your carsquished bugs

In the same vein as #3, Coca-Cola can be shaken and then poured on the bug debris left after a lengthy road trip to remove it.

  1. Shine up old penniesold pennies

Soak old dirty pennies in coke to remove the dirty tarnish and make them shine like new again.

  1. Help your flower gardenuse coca cola to grow a garden

Certain plants like gardenias and azaleas love an acidic soil. It helps them bloom longer and produce more impressive blooms. Pouring Coca-Cola around your plants is a quick way to boost the acid level in the soil.

  1. Used as a baste for your roastbaste

Coca-Cola is amazing when basted onto roasting meat like ham. The sugars in the drink will caramelize and leave a wonderful flavor behind.

  1. Eat it!

Coke makes a delicious BBQ sauce for your next cookout. Forgot to get more sauce at the store? No problem – just mix up a can of coke with ketchup and brush it over your meat.

  1. Lose the hiccups


Nobody likes having the hiccups and getting rid of them fast is a priority. Drinking some Coca-Cola helps rid your body of this annoyance.

  1. Settle your stomach

For years mothers have been giving their sick children Coca-Cola to calm an upset stomach. The carbonation feels good and helps the person feel better fast.

  1. Impress your kidscoca cola and mentos

Mentos and Coca-Cola will make an impressive fountain. Use a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, drop in some Mentos, and run. Your kids will think you’re really cool.

  1. Clean dirty pans of stuck-on residuedirty cloths

Fill a dirty pan with Coca-Cola and let it soak. The drink will remove the burnt on food and make it easy to clean.

  1. Get rid of garden pestsgarden pests

By placing a small amount of Coca-Cola in a bowl and then putting it outside you’ll attract snails and slugs from your garden. They’ll be drawn to the drink and die in the acidic liquid,


With all these weird but amazing uses for Coca-Cola, it makes sense to always have a can or two on hand! From cleaning around the house to impressing your kids Coca-Cola is more useful than once thought.

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